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A solid detergent bar article possessing softening properties vis-à-vis the fabrics subjected to washing comprises: a) 1-50% by weight of an anionic, nonionic, amphoteric, cationic or zwitterionic surfactant, b) 1-50% by weight of a specified builder c) 0-1 0% by weight of a long chain aliphatic amide or amine oxide; d) 0-5% by weight of a cellulosic derivative, e) 10-50% by weight of a softening agent containing at least one of i) 0-50% by weight of a quaternary ammonium salt of formula (R1,R2,R3, R4N)Y wherein one at least of the R radicals is a C16-C22 aliphatic radical and Y is a halide, sulphate or methylsulphate, or an imidazolinium salt; ii) 0-20% by weight of a tertiary amine of formula R1R2R3N wherein at least one of the R radicals designates a C10-C18 saturated alkyl radical; iii) 0-40% by weight of a smectic clay having an ionic exchange capacity higher than 50 meq/100 grams of clay; f) 0-15% by weight of talc or 0-10% of aluminium formate, or of calcined sodium carbonate; and g) 0-5% by weight of minor components. y

Detergent article having softening action and process for its preparation
Application Number
GB19850014868 19850612
Publication Number
2160886 (A)
Application Date
June 12, 1985
Publication Date
January 2, 1986
Smith Leslie Charles
Firmenich & Cie
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D06M 13/38
D06M 11/06
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C11D 03/00
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