2159823-A cites 4 patents.

A process is provided for the incorporation of fibrous material into a polymer wherein the fibrous material as a dispersion in water is added to a solution of the polymer which is being subjected to agitation, whereby the fibrous material transfers from the aqueous phase to the polymer solution, and the polymer-fibrous material mixture is recovered.

Polymer-fibre mixture process
Application Number
GB19850013508 19850529
Publication Number
2159823 (A)
Application Date
May 29, 1985
Publication Date
December 11, 1985
Crossman James Alan
C08J 03/20
C08L 101/00
C08K 07/00
C08J 03/20
C08L 101/00
C08K 07/02
C08J 03/215
C08K 07/00
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