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A toner charging member to which a toner is conveyed and supplied is located in the vicinity of a photoconductive element which is to carry an electrostatic latent image thereon. The toner charging member charges the toner conveyed thereto to a selected polarity by friction, so that a thin uniformly charged toner layer is formed on the toner charging member. The charged toner particles are released from the toner layer on the charging member onto the latent image on the photoconductive element. The toner charging member has an insulating member on its surface. A first discharging means is provided to dissipate accumulated charge on the insulator substantially simultaneously with its operation for removing toner particles from the charging member those which were not been supplied to the latent image.; A second discharging means is disposed in a position downstream of a station where the first means removes the residual toner and upstream of a station where the toner is supplied to the charging member, in order to remove the charge from the insulator. A number of microelectrodes are formed on the toner charging member or on its insulator to attain a prominent edge effect even when use is made of a one component type developer, which consists of toner particles alone.

Electrophotographic developing apparatus
Application Number
GB19840004104 19840216
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2150465 (A)
Application Date
February 16, 1984
Publication Date
July 3, 1985
Kobayashi Kazuo
Sakamoto Koji
G03G 15/08
G03G 15/09
G03G 15/08
G03G 15/09
G03G 15/08
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