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A recuperator for use with a furnace heating fuel-fired burner, e.g. in a radiant tube, has a plurality of laterally spaced air tubes (2, 2') extending in an exhaust gas passage (1) such that the air tubes are individually surrounded by the exhaust gases for efficient heat exchange between the exhaust gases and air in the air tubes. The interiors of the air tubes (2,2') are divided into outer (9) and inner (9') air passages, air entering the air tubes at the outer air passages (9) and leaving from the inner air passages (9'). The air tubes (2, 2') and a housing (5) containing air chambers (32, 39) for air to be supplied to and leaving the air tubes, and an exhaust outlet (21) for the exhaust gases, form in combination a plug-in unit which connects to an exhaust duct through which exhaust gases pass from the burner.

Application Number
GB19840029158 19841119
Publication Number
2150276 (A)
Application Date
November 19, 1984
Publication Date
June 26, 1985
Collier David
W B Combustion
F28D 07/12
F28D 07/10
F23L 15/00
F28D 07/12
F23L 15/04
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