2147046-A is referenced by 7 patents and cites 6 patents.

The window fastener comprises a base part 11 and a handle part 12 having a lug for engaging in the associated window frame. A key-operated locking mechanism 15 is provided to lock the handle part 12 to the base part 11 in the engaged position. The mechanism 15 comprises a locking pin 20 mounted within a bore 16 by means of a body 21, which has a cam surface 27 for engaging a cam follower 28. Rotation of the body by a key causes axial movement of the body and hence the locking pin 20.

Lockable window fastener
Application Number
GB19830025413 19830922
Publication Number
2147046 (A)
Application Date
September 22, 1983
Publication Date
May 1, 1985
Wronski Yurek Adrian
Cotswold Architect Prod
E05B 17/20
E05C 03/04
E05B 13/00
E05B 13/10
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