2146063-A is referenced by 7 patents and cites 6 patents.

A door or window fastener has a handle 12 pivoted on a base 10. The handle 12 incorporates a steel insert 22 and the base 10 incorporates a permanent magnet 23 and a Hall effect sensor 24. Relative movement of the handle 12 and base 10 causes a charge in voltage and current in the sensor 24 which is used to initiate a burglar alarm. In an alternative embodiment a permanent magnet in the handle is employed to operate a reed switch in the base.

Improvements in or relating to door or window fasteners
Application Number
GB19840020804 19840816
Publication Number
2146063 (A)
Application Date
August 16, 1984
Publication Date
April 11, 1985
Buckley John Edward
G08B 13/06
E05B 45/00
E05B 45/06
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