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An electrophotographic plate comprising a charge generating layer and a charge transporting layer each formed on an electroconductive support, a charge generating material contained in the charge generating layer being prepared by mixing phthalocyanine and a phthalocyanine derivative wherein the nuclei of phthalocyanine molecule are substituted with at least one kind of electron-attracting group, with an inorganic acid capable of forming a salt with phthalocyanine to obtain a mixture, and then pouring the thus obtained mixture into water or a basic substance to precipitate the charge generating material therefrom.

Electrophotographic plates
Application Number
GB19840021718 19840828
Publication Number
2145835 (A)
Application Date
August 28, 1984
Publication Date
April 3, 1985
Mizukami Satoshi
Seta Toshio
Hikosaka Mititika
Ohashi Masato
Tanaka Tsuneo
Tamura Shinichi
Toyo Ink Mfg Co
G03G 05/06
H01L 31/08
G03G 05/06
G03G 05/043
H01L 31/08
G03G 05/06
G03G 05/043
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