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A temperature measuring arrangement comprises means 2 for generating and launching light pulses into one end (i.e. launch end) of an optical fibre 1 which serves as a temperature sensing element and optical directional coupling means 6 located at the launch end of the temperature sensing element for directing the total back-scattered light from temperature measurement points along the sensing element into an optical back-scatter selection means which filters out a band of back-scattered light of wavelengths embracing so-called Rayleigh and Mie and Brillouin wavelengths but which permits passage of light at the so- called Stokes (Raman) and Anti-Stokes (Raman) wavelengths to processing means for providing temperature measurements.; The selection means may comprise an optical dichrometer with a grating 4 or the equivalent and detectors 7 of the back-scattered light at the Stokes and Anti-Stokes wavelengths respectively.

Temperature measuring arrangement
Application Number
GB19830014569 19830526
Publication Number
2140554 (A)
Application Date
May 26, 1983
Publication Date
November 28, 1984
Dakin John Philip
Plessey Co
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G01K 11/00
G01K 11/32
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