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Process for the manufacture of zeolite A by reacting silica, alumina and caustic soda in an aqueous medium in an appropriate stoichiometric ratio, wherein use is made of a pulp of silicated gel originating from the treatment of blast-furnace slag with waste acid, said pulp being made basic by addition of caustic soda as well as sodium aluminate originating from the treatment of an alumina gel with caustic soda and/or originating from sodium aluminate obtained during the surface treatment of aluminium; by incorporating, into the silica, alumina in a proportion defined by the molar ratio of silica to alumina of between 60 and 1.2.

Production of zeolite a
Application Number
GB19840008918 19840406
Publication Number
2138792 (A)
Application Date
April 6, 1984
Publication Date
October 31, 1984
de Laroche Rysman de Lockerent
Bacherius Luc Lucien
Rousseaux Jean Marie Leon Ghis
Sipac Societe Internationale D
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C11D 03/38
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B01J 20/10
C11D 03/384
C11D 03/12
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