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A mobile sports turf comprises a plurality of containers (1) each containing turf (2) having a root portion and a leaf portion at least part of the root portion of the turf standing proud of the edge of its associated container. Each container is able to abut another such container and is able to be moved, e.g. on a mobile platform, on tracks or pneumatically, so as to permit the interchange of turving areas. A pliable edging strip (5) is joined to the upper edge (1A) of each container to support adjacent turves (2) when the containers (1) abut one another. When incorporated in a sports arena, individual containers (1) can be moved or replaced to facilitate uneven wear of the turves to be equated from within the arena or replacement from spare units, thereby enabling the overall surface quality of the turves to be continually maintained.

Mobile sports turf
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GB19840005518 19840302
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2138690 (A)
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March 2, 1984
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October 31, 1984
Madden Anthony
Madden Anthony
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