2134896-A is referenced by 19 patents and cites 5 patents.

Powdered silica optionally mixed with dopant (e.g. GeO2) is introduced via dosing feeder 2 coaxially into a ring- or tube-shaped heating device such as oxyhydrogen burner 4, 5, 6, where the powder melts/evaporates and may be treated with a gas (e.g. chlorine) to remove hydroxyl groups and impurities. The glass is deposited from the liquid/vapour phase onto the end of rotating substrate 13 to produce preform 17 which may be coated in a second deposition process using burner 18.

Optical waveguide preform fabrication
Application Number
GB19840001905 19840125
Publication Number
2134896 (A)
Application Date
January 25, 1984
Publication Date
August 22, 1984
Dorn Reimund
Baumgartner Armin
Int Standard Electric
C03C 17/34
C03C 17/10
C03C 17/09
G02B 06/00
C03B 37/014
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G02B 06/00
C03B 37/014
C03B 37/012
C03B 20/00
C03B 08/04
C03B 37/018
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