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A method and an apparatus for controlling radial depth of cut of a rotary cutting tool 200 in a machine tool, comprises an eccentric mechanism C, for controlling the radial depth of cut of the tip P of the cutting tool 200 provided outside the main spindle 2. A tool holding shaft 112 of the tool holder is, by means of the eccentric mechanism C, rotatably adjustable through a depth of cut control shaft 24, extending through the bore of a draw-bar 23 concentrically disposed within the bore of the main spindle 2. Such adjustment is powered by means of a servo-motor 40 and differential gear mechanism 7.

Controlling the radial depth of cut of a rotary tool
Application Number
GB19830023847 19830906
Publication Number
2130937 (A)
Application Date
September 6, 1983
Publication Date
June 13, 1984
Shimizu Hitoshi
Yamamoto Tamotsu
Unno Keizo
Ikegai Iron Works
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