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The capacity of a storage battery (1) is indicated on the basis of a terminal voltage detected before a load (3) is connected to the battery. The above capacity is stored and then updated a predetermined time period after the load has been disconnected from the battery. Although the battery terminal voltage tends to restore in accordance with different time constant curves according to the magnitude of the load applied to the battery, it is possible to indicate the battery capacity reliably without being subjected to the influence of the magnitude of the load.; A battery voltage detecting section (41) detects the voltage across the terminals of a storage battery (1), a battery voltage storing section (42) stores the voltage, a memory timing presetting section (43) presets the storing timings of the section (42) according to the state where the load (5) is being connected to the battery or disconnected therefrom, and a driving section (44) amplifies the output signal from the section (42) and supplies an indicator (45).

Method and system for indicating storage battery capacity
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GB19830023152 19830830
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2126735 (A)
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August 30, 1983
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March 28, 1984
Saito Yoichi
Nissan Motor
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G01R 31/36
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G01R 31/36
H02J 07/00
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