2123438-A cites 3 patents.

An electrode assembly (15) for use in dewatering a suspension of solids in which an electric field augments an applied vacuum includes a chamber having walls (22) comprising an ion exchange membrane (22a) on which a cake of solids is deposited and an electrode element (27) within the chamber.

Electrode assembly with ion exchange membrane
Application Number
GB19820006528 19820305
Publication Number
2123438 (A)
Application Date
March 5, 1982
Publication Date
February 18, 1984
Klinkowski Peter Richard
Dorr Oliver
B03C 03/45
C02F 11/00
C25B 09/00
C02F 01/40
B01J 47/00
B01D 57/02
B01D 35/06
C25B 09/00
C02F 01/40
B01J 47/12
B01D 57/02
B01D 35/06
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