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A system for the removal of animal excreta from sheds or other animal enclosures comprises introducing a stream of water into the enclosure at intervals of time less than the period taken for excreta to harden whereby to entrain the excreta in the flowing stream of water, and directing the resultant stream out of the shed or enclosure to a collecting zone 22. The stream of water is introduced in the form of sprays 13 at regions where the animals' excreta is normally deposited in stalls 11 and is withdrawn in a common stream fed from the individual spray sources via channels 21. The spray sources and the common stream are preferably fed from a common supply and supplied with water simultaneously at said predetermined intervals.

Effluent removal
Application Number
GB19830012560 19830506
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2119622 (A)
Application Date
May 6, 1983
Publication Date
November 23, 1983
Batten Reginald Charles
Batten Reginald Charles
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A01K 01/01
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