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The combustion chambers 30 of gas turbine units 6(a) to 6(c) (or equivalent piston engines) are supplied with fuel gas via pipe 26 and in order to compensate for a substantial decline in the calorific value of the fuel gas over a period of time, commercially pure oxygen or oxygen-enriched air is supplied to each combustion chamber 30. The fuel gas may comprise associated gas separated in separator 22 from crude oil obtained from a production well by a method employing nitrogen to enhance the recovery of oil from the well. The oxygen or oxygen-enriched air is taken from a cryogenic air separation unit 10 which produces the nitrogen for the enhanced recovery of the oil, air being supplied to the separation unit 10 by compressors 4(a), (b) driven by gas turbine unit 6(a).

Gas turbines and engines
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GB19830003675 19830210
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2117053 (A)
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February 10, 1983
Publication Date
October 5, 1983
Graham David James
Boc Group
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