2116728-A is referenced by 14 patents and cites 5 patents.

A charge monitor for a battery (e.g. the battery of a battery powered vehicle) comprises a transducer (20) monitoring the current flowing into or from the battery, a visual display (16) and a microprocessor control circuit (10) to track the amount of charge in the battery at all times and for driving the visual display accordingly. The monitor is able to take account of charge put back into the battery during regenerative braking and is able to track and display a number of items of information relating to the battery, in addition to its instantaneous charge, e.g. the distance which may be travelled at the current speed, the number of hours of usage remaining, whether the economy of use in improving or deteriorating, the number of battery charges and discharges and an indication of excessive current drain.

Battery charge monitor
Application Number
GB19820005236 19820223
Publication Number
2116728 (A)
Application Date
February 23, 1982
Publication Date
September 28, 1983
Grimer Anthony D
Bonham David A
Birt Leslie A
Bowthorpe Holdings
G01R 29/24
G01R 31/36
G01R 31/36
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