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A rubber member 3 for a circuit board 7 has a resilient dome-like configuration composed of a central raised portion 1b, a thick-walled base flat 2 and a thin-walled riser in portion 3a, 3b integrally connecting them, in which two ring-wise ribs 1c, 6 are provided one 1c around the upper periphery of the central portion and the other 6 at the midway on the inward surface of the riser portion 3a, 3b extending downwardly. When the central portion is depressed at the rib 1c by a finger tip through a push-button 10, the rib 6 first comes into contact with the circuit board 7 and then is pulled up resiliently by the snap action in the riser portion 3a, 3b bringing a movable contact 4 into contact with fixed contact points 8. The switching performance is allegedly freed from chattering or bouncing.

An electrical push-button switch covering member of rubber material
Application Number
GB19820036552 19821223
Publication Number
2112577 (A)
Application Date
December 23, 1982
Publication Date
July 20, 1983
Iwabuchi Yasuo
Shinetsu Polymer Co
H01H 13/52
H01H 13/70
H01H 13/52
H01H 13/26
H01H 13/12
H01H 13/785
H01H 13/52
H01H 13/26
H01H 13/12
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