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A locking mechanism for the doors of an elevator car, which usually permits the doors to be opened by an amount insufficient for a passenger to exit from the car and then locks the doors with respect to further opening movement, is rendered inoperative when the car is close to a landing. The on mechanism includes latching means comprising stop means 112 on the car and locking means 111 on the door engageable with the stop means, and operating means 114-127 on the door for preventing the locking means from engaging the stop means, adjacent a landing. An operating strip 114 may be associated with a known clutch mechanism 95-100 on the lift door and rollers 102, 103 on the shaft doors, which latter forms a stop for the strip 114 when the car is adjacent the landing.

Locking lift car doors
Application Number
GB19820010970 19820415
Publication Number
2112352 (A)
Application Date
April 15, 1982
Publication Date
July 20, 1983
Glaser Herbert P
Glaser Walter
Gal Mfg
B66B 13/16
B66B 13/02
B66B 13/12
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