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A self-contained microsurgical laser which has a housing adapted for mounting on a surgical microscope comprises infrared (1) and visible (5) laser sources mounted within the housing- means, placed in the beam path of the infrared laser for interrupting (9), polarizing (11), and attenuating (15) the beam and wave front correction means (57) provided in the path of the visible laser beam so that its focal point is coincident with the focal point of the infrared laser beam. Beam expanding means (21, 53) are placed in both beam paths and power level detecting means (47) are also provided. The beams are then superimposed and means (39, 43) are provided for deflecting the combined laser beams in the X and Y directions in a plane perpendicular to said combined beam. This beam is finally focussed onto a spot of less than 200 microns in diameter at the focal plane of the focusing means (37).; A method for repairing torn or severed body structure comprising exposing the surfaces to be joined to an infrared laser source for a period of time sufficient to effect the repair is also disclosed.

Microsurgical laser for repairing body tissue
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GB19820027125 19820923
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2108282 (A)
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September 23, 1982
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May 11, 1983
Morris James Robert
Morris James R
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A61B 18/20
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