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A keyboard for electrical apparatus comprises a number of keys each being located adjacent to raised deformable portions 10 on a resilient mat 38, 40. Adjacent to the mat is arranged a printed circuit board (30, Fig. 5, not shown) which is contacted by the raised deformable portions when any of the keys (24, Fig. 5) are depressed. A grid member (25, Fig. 5) locates the keys in position. Any of the mat, the printed circuit board and the grid member may comprise at least two separate parts each being located in abutting relationship by means of at least one projection 42 formed on the edge of the part engaging a correspondingly shaped recess 44 formed on the abutting edge of the other part. Thus one of the parts can be arranged to include, say twelve keys and a keyboard be built for several factors of twelve keys without the necessity of making separate large mouldings.

Keyboards for electrical apparatus
Application Number
GB19820019568 19820706
Publication Number
2103882 (A)
Application Date
July 6, 1982
Publication Date
February 23, 1983
Steiner Frederick
Plessey Co
H01H 13/50
H01H 13/70
H01H 13/702
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