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A horticultural growing module comprises a vessel (10) whereof the peripheral wall is internally convergent from its upper edge and the bottom interior has upstanding therefrom spaced protuberances (16) to support, in use of the module, a sustained quantity of compost at a level above the bottom interior whereby to maintain a reservoir below said level. One or more filling channels (21) open from the upper edge of said peripheral wall and emerge at the bottom interior, thus, enabling observation of the extent of filling when the sustained quantity of compost is in position in the vessel. The vessel may be so constructed as to permit observation of the level of the reservoir intermittently or continuously around the compost which may or may not be contained independently.

Containers for growing plants
Application Number
GB19820013655 19820511
Publication Number
2098044 (A)
Application Date
May 11, 1982
Publication Date
November 17, 1982
Russell Samuel
Patterson Ian Malcolm
A01G 27/00
A01G 09/02
A01G 27/00
A01G 27/00
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