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A fruit machine comprises a control system 1 which controls a reel mechanism 2 in dependence on depression of game/game-feature buttons 3. When a coin is introduced into the machine a certain predetermined proportion of the value of the coin is credited to each of a game accumulator 4, a hold accumulator 5, a hop accumulator 6, a nudge accumulator 7 and a jump accumulator 8. When a winning combination is obtained on the reel mechanism 2 as a result of a normal game, the value of the prize awarded is subtracted from the game accumulator 6, whereas, when a winning combination is obtained as a result of a hold, hop, nudge or jump game feature, the value of the prize is subtracted from the appropriate one of the accumulators 5 to 8.; If the value in the game accumulator 4 becomes negative the control system 1 goes into a low pay-out mode, whereas, if the value in one of the accumulators 5 to 8 becomes negative, the corresponding game feature is not made available to the player. This ensures accurate control over the pay-out associated with the game and each of the game features and enables the various pay-outs to be separately adjusted.

Gaming machines
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GB19820009618 19820401
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2097570 (A)
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April 1, 1982
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November 3, 1982
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G07F 17/32
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