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To produce a plastics hanger 26, in a large size and a configuration suitable for garment-shaping service in a point-of-sales display, polypropylene is injection moulded to provide an initial structure 18 which is removed from the mould whilst still deformable, and is stretched and shaped on an external mould 30, cooling air being delivered from a nozzle 38.

Producing a plastics garment- shaping hanger
Application Number
GB19800041377 19801229
Publication Number
2090182 (A)
Application Date
December 29, 1980
Publication Date
July 7, 1982
Cut Rate Plastic Hangers
A47J 51/08
B29C 17/02
B29C 67/00
B29C 45/00
A47G 25/00
B29C 67/00
B29C 45/00
A47G 25/36
A47G 25/20
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