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A method for the production of a hydrogen rich gas by underground gasification of coal, characterised in that it consists of associating an underground coal gasification operation carried out by means of oxygen and CO2, the CO2 being recovered in the plant in which the gas produced is cleansed, with an operation to cool the crude gas by the injection of water into the bores through which the gas producer discharges and an operation to convert the CO to CO2, carried out on the surface, employing the water vapour produced during cooling of the gas.

Method of producing a gas with high hydrogen content by subterranean gasification of coal
Application Number
GB19810030692 19811012
Publication Number
2086416 (A)
Application Date
October 12, 1981
Publication Date
May 12, 1982
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C10J 05/00
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E21B 43/16
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E21B 43/243
E21B 36/00
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