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Orthopaedic fracture fixation apparatus including at least one elongate member (10, 11) located externally of the patient and connected with bone pins (12) secured in the different fragments of a fractured bone (13), the member and pins forming a rigid framework holding the fragments in a desired relationship for union, is simplified but still applicable in varying configurations by the provision of said member as an elongate carrier (10) of flexible form and charged with a hardenable material (11) normally held by the carrier in an inactive fluent state. The carrier is suitably a closed tube or a permeable rope respectively holding or impregnated with the material.; The material can be hardenable by radiant energy such as heat or light, or by chemical action, the latter case suitably involving a tube divided into compartments by a rupturable wall to hold respective constituents of a hardenable mixture.

Orthopaedic fracture fixation apparatus
Application Number
GB19810031568 19811020
Publication Number
2086231 (A)
Application Date
October 20, 1981
Publication Date
May 12, 1982
Nat Res Dev
A61F 05/04
A61B 17/18
A61B 17/60
A61B 17/60
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