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A machine for processing straw into log-like units, suitable for subsequent burning on a domestic open fire, comprises means to spray the straw with a hardenable binding agent and means to compress the mixture of straw and binding agent into the desired log-like shape. The spraying means consists of a ring of nozzles (16) through which the straw passes after first being picked and elevated onto the machine. The compressing means comprises a power-operated piston (12) moving within a chamber (14) whose cross section is that of the shape desired. The mixture of straw and binding agent is transported to the piston (12) by a first piston (11). As the first piston (11) transports the mixture to the breach of the chamber (14), it progressively seals off the continuing mixture infeed. The finished logs are ejected into a hopper (21).; The machine can be mounted on a wheeled chassis (not shown) and pulled behind an agricultural tractor to pick, elevate, transport and compress the straw.

Straw logs
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GB19810005415 19810220
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2071560 (A)
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February 20, 1981
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September 23, 1981
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