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A fruit machine is provided with the usual drums (3) which can be spun to stop randomly with various symbol combinations showing on a win line (4). It further has a 'nudge' feature occasionally available by which each drum can be indexed forwards or backwards to bring different symbols onto the line. A separate panel indicator (8) has a column of symbols (9) for each drum, with means for illuminating the symbols in succession down each column. When a particular nudge feature is available the time allowed for nudging is determined by the preferably accelerating advance of the illumination through the associated column. The feature may be accompanied by a pulsing tone, increasing in frequency with the illumination advance.

Improvements relating to coin-operated or coin-freed gaming or amusement machines
Application Number
GB19790037338 19791027
Publication Number
2062922 (A)
Application Date
October 27, 1979
Publication Date
May 28, 1981
Jpm Automatic Machines
G07F 17/34
G07F 17/32
G07F 17/34
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