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An implant device 1 which may be permanently implanted into a patient's skin for providing communication from an internal vessel to the exterior surface of the patient's skin, comprises a passageway having a flange means (not shown) at one end, for attachment to an internal vessel (e.g. blood vessel 13, colon, bladder, ureter) and an anchor flange (15 Fig. 1 not shown), having a plurality of apertures (17), positioned around the external circumference of the passageway to provide a secure biological anchor. When access to the internal vessel is not required, the passageway may be closed by inserting a plug therein. The implant may also be provided with a vascular grafting material 19 which is positioned annularly around the passageway, in order to provide structural support for tissue ingrowth.; A micro-pore size material 11 may also be included around the said flange means to reduce blood loss during the implanting operation and subsequent healing.

Implant device
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GB19790044069 19791221
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2056282 (A)
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December 21, 1979
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March 18, 1981
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