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The sight comprises essentially a case 23 of straight parallelepipedic shape containing a voltage supply source in a first compartment 39 and a laser 40 in a second compartment. The case is closed at the front by a detachable cover 26 and at the back by a cover 33 containing an electronic voltage conversion circuit, which is constructed in a compact manner and comprises external contact terminals. All the component parts are assembled in the case 23 and are connected electrically by simple contact, without wiring or soldering.

Laser sight for firearms
Application Number
GB19800018579 19800606
Publication Number
2052025 (A)
Application Date
June 6, 1980
Publication Date
January 21, 1981
Gerber P
Egger E
F41G 01/34
F41G 01/00
F41G 01/35
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