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A system for transmitting signals from video tapes incorporating means for producing modified field synchronising pulses, giving rise to a delay in the start of vertical drive pulses, whereby the correlation between line and field synchronising pulses is destroyed, and means for recording said modified synchronising pulses on a control track of a video tape recorder to serve thereon as a timing reference, so correlating the tape lateral speed and the scanner head rotational speed of said recorder.

Video copying and transmission inhibitor
Application Number
GB19800011538 19800408
Publication Number
2050675 (A)
Application Date
April 8, 1980
Publication Date
January 7, 1981
Dimmers J A
G11B 05/86
G11B 05/52
G11B 05/02
H04N 05/913
G11B 20/00
H04N 05/913
G11B 20/00
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