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In a liquid crystal mixture which is intended for use in displays that have no polarizers and which is composed of a dye as a guest phase embedded in a host phase mixture consisting of a nematic liquid crystal with an optically active dopant, at least part of the dye is an anthraquinone dye having the general formula: in which R, R, and R are the same or are different and each is a hydrogen atom or a hydroxyl, amino or short- chain N-monoalkylamino group; Y and Z are the same or are different and each is a halogen atom, an amino or hydroxyl group or an alkyl, alkoxy or alkylamino groups containing from 1 to 16 carbon atoms; and m and n are each 0, 1, or 2. These dyes are commercially available and their dichroic ratios are nearly as good as the best anthraquinone dyes proposed for the cholesteric guest-host effect, which must be custom prepared.; Furthermore, the dyes used have an adequate solubility in the host phase and are especially stable to the UV component found in natural daylight.

Liquid crystal mixture
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GB19790043676 19791219
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2037803 (A)
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December 19, 1979
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July 16, 1980
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