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The reactor is a horizontal cylindrical vessel (1) in which an agitator (13) rotates around a horizontal central shaft (2). The vessel has an inlet (6) for sludge to be digested at one end, an outlet (7) for digested sludge at the opposite end, and a discharge pipe (9) in its upper part for methane. Partitions (10), attached to the agitator to rotate therewith, divide the vessel longitudinally into chambers, the last of which forms a settling chamber (14) which contains return pipe means (17) for returning part of the solid matter settled in the settling chamber to one of the chambers at the inlet end of the vessel. The pipe (17) extends at an angle to the shaft (2) and rotates with it. The return means includes a scraper (18) for pushing settled solid matter into the return pipe.

Reactor for the anaerobic decomposition of organic sludge and for the production of methane
Application Number
GB19790040665 19791106
Publication Number
2037731 (A)
Application Date
November 6, 1979
Publication Date
July 16, 1980
Enqvist J R Korkman J F
Viitasalo I V
C02F 03/28
C02F 03/28
C02F 03/28
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