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In an infinitely variable friction drive, the bearing means (15, 16, 17) of one of the shafts (6) are enclosed within a sleeve (18) which can be adjusted, e.g. by means of a screw connection (19) to the part of the housing in which it is accommodated. The adjustment displaces the sleeve from a stop position, in which a friction-tight fit in the speed control is ensured, to a position in which the transmission ratio can easily be varied at will even when the shafts are at a standstill.

Infinitely variable friction drive
Application Number
GB19790039327 19791113
Publication Number
2035482 (A)
Application Date
November 13, 1979
Publication Date
June 18, 1980
Beka St Aubin
F16H 15/22
F16H 15/26
F16H 15/28
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