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The drive plate (6) of a stapler is drawn back from its normal position by a pivoting actuating lever (3), which pivots along a path such that it disengages from the drive plate at a certain point. The drive plate (6) is then thrown back towards its original position by a spring (8), forcefully ejecting from the stapler a staple put in the path of the drive plate. A spring biased head (17) pushes a staple to the drive plate (6) for being ejected. Upon return of the lever (3), it slides over the drive plate (6) until the lever is fully returned when it reengages the drive plate.

Stapler drive and feed mechanisms
Application Number
GB19790034460 19791004
Publication Number
2032327 (A)
Application Date
October 4, 1979
Publication Date
May 8, 1980
Barriendos C
B25C 05/11
B25C 05/00
B25C 05/16
B25C 05/10
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