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This invention relates to the field of structures which may be liable to be stressed in such a manner that combinations of stressing can occur which can give rise to dangerous situations. Structures to which the invention particularly applies are oil rigs and crane structures. The monitoring device of the invention incorporates sensors (1) which sense the various stress conditions present in selected points of a structure, and signal processor (8) and display means (5) operative to analyse the information from the sensors and compare it with previously obtained data and assess what dangerous conditions exist or appear likely to exist and present the assessment in visual and/or recorded and/or audible form. The invention is particularly useful when applied to a structure subjected to fluctuating loads which can be particularly damaging.; One embodiment of the device provides a warning of the probable length of future life of each member under fluctuating stress.

Improvements in or relating to strain detecting devices
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GB19790015837 19790508
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2020432 (A)
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May 8, 1979
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November 14, 1979
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