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[en] A liquid smoke concentrate has a 3,4-benzpyrene- and 1,2,5,6- dibenzanthracene content of less than 0.2 nanograms, having a tar content (calculated as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) below 1 microgram/kg, and a phenolic compounds content (calculated as phenol) of 0.90-1.60 g/l, preferably 1.0-1.4 g/l, and the ratio of phenolic compounds content to carbonyl compounds content (calculated as acetone) to total titratable acid content (calculated as acetic acid) is 1:(17.0- 47.0):(13.0-40.0), preferably 1:(20.0- 37.0):(14.0-34.0). The concentrate is obtained by destructive distillation at 350-450 DEG C of cellulosic and/or lignin material, removing fly ashes, condensing the smoke and separating two tar fractions by cooling to a temperature between 150-200 DEG C and 80-120 DEG C respectively, non- condensable gases being separated off upon cooling to room temperature. The concentrate may be used in various physical forms as a flavouring agent in foodstuffs and as aromatizing agent.

[en] Liquid smoke concentrate
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2011241 (A)
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January 2, 1979
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July 11, 1979
A23L 1/232
A23B 4/048
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