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195,639. Hand, E. H. March 29, 1922, [Convention date]. Contents, delivering.- Phonographic disc record cabinets comprise a container and ejector and a, number of vertical closelyrelated parallel compartments formed by partitions spaced apart by strips 14 - - 16 and having upper, lower and rear tongues 4, 12, 13 and 7. Ejector levers 17 with reduced parts 18 form the bottom of the compartments and are mounted on a fulcrum rod 20 passing through lower portions of the partitions.

Phonograph disk record filing cabinet
Application Number
GB19230008982 19230329
Publication Number
195639 (A)
Application Date
March 29, 1923
Publication Date
June 26, 1924
Erle Hasbrouck Hand
G11B 33/04
G11B 33/04
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