194,041. Cook, W. H. Dec. 30, 1921. Rigid-jaw wrenches.-A rigid-jaw wrench of the kind described in Specification 19816/02 having a plane side b, and an opposite one stepped to engage nuts of different sizes, is constructed w i t h the stepped portions c, d, e, f which are parallel to the plane side b of a length equal to approximately onethird of the face of the hexagonal nut engaged by that face. This permits of a ratchet-like action, the stepped parts riding over the adjacent face of the nut on reversal and a corner of the nut riding over the plane face b. The steps g between the faces c, d, e, f may decrease in length from the jaw face c to the jaw face f.

Improvements in fixed jaw spanners
Application Number
GB19210035047 19211230
Publication Number
194041 (A)
Application Date
December 30, 1921
Publication Date
March 8, 1923
Walter Herbert Cook
B25B 13/00
B25B 13/46
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