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193,623. Calico Printers' Association, Ltd., Molesworth, W. N., and Wilson, G. W. Jan. 21,1922. Intaglio-plate printing. - A rotary printing- machine, for printing fabric or other material from an engraved roller, is adapted to print trail or streaky effects by providing, between the ordinary ductor and the nip of the printing and impression rollers, a brush or other member adapted to remove colour from the intaglio parts of the roller and spread it in streaks or trails on the surface of the roller previously cleared by the doctor. A brush d mounted between the doctor blade a and the impression roller c, is carried by spring strips f from a frame e which is reciprocated longitudinally of the engraved roller b by a link from a bell-crank i operated by an eccentric rod n. The brush is pressed towards the roller b by a spring g acting on an arm h of the frame e.

Improvements relating to printing machines
Application Number
GB19220001882 19220121
Publication Number
193623 (A)
Application Date
January 21, 1922
Publication Date
March 1, 1923
George Wolstan Wilson
William Nassau Molesworth
Calico Printers Ass
D06P 05/00
D06P 05/00
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