[en] 4418. Battersby, W. J., and Edwards, E. Marcb 8 Brims felt hats ironing.- Relates to those machines for curling and ironing the brims of soft felt hats in which the hat is placed on a rotary table t, Fig. 8, and the brim is curled and ironed during its passage between the two tools a and p. The invention consists, firstly, in constructing the tool a, which operates against the exterior of the brim, so that its heat shall be concentrated on the hat brim, and so that it shall be self-cleaning and thus mark the brim less than has hitherto been the case. Fig. 2 shows a plan of the tool a, showing also in dotted lines the tool p which acts on the inner surface of the brim, and Fig. 4 shows a vertical section of the same. The central part of the front of the tool a consists of a hollow wheel c, which is heated by a burner f and has asbestos packing h between it and the other part of the tool a, so as to concentrate the heat on the hat brim. To clean this part of the tool, it is rotated by the handle m so that its under surface is scraped by a scraper g which forms part of the face of the tool a. The invention consists, secondly, in making the part q of the tool separate from the other parts, so that, when it is required to form a different shape of curl, this part only need be removed and be replaced by a similar part of the required size. When curling and ironing brims which are to receive no binding or only very narrow binding, for which purpose a moist heat is required, the part q is made hollow and adapted to receive steam whereby it is heated. The invention consists, thirdly, in providing a passage n connected with a pipe o so that, when a hat has been removed from the machine, the tool p can be cleaned by an air blast. The invention consists, fourthly, in fitting a thin ring u, Fig. 8, on the brim, and in mounting on the machine a spring-actuated roller v which bears on the ring u and presses the brim against the rotary table t at the point where the brim passes between the tools a, p.

[en] Improvements in Machines for Curling and Ironing Hat Brims.
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190004418 (A)
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March 8, 1900
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July 14, 1900
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