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186,962. Streater, G. H. June 7, 1921. Boxes made from special blanks; lids.-In a knock-down paper box made from a blank folded so that the parts of the box are of double thickness, the blank is arranged to give an integral box structure, Fig. 5, having the lid hinged to the rear lower edge of the body. The blank, Fig. 1. comprises panel portions a, a', b, b, which constitute the main portions of the body and lid respectively; side strips 1-2, a and 3-4 a constituting the backs of the body and lid: side strips a, a and a, a, constituting the fronts of the lid and body: end strips c, c and d, d constituting the ends of the lid and body and lateral tabs or end extensions e, e, - - m, m which are interlocked with adjacent portions of the side and end strips.; A stage in the folding operation is illustrated in Fig. 3, the strips c, d lying against the strips c, d respectively with the tabs f, f, h, h between the strips c, c and tabs m, m between strips d, d; the ear pieces. d, c lying on the panels a, b are subsequently covered by the panels a, b. In the final folding of the parts the strip 3-4 overlies the strip a, strips 1-2 and a abut, and the tabs e, e' are locked between the strips d, d. The tabs g, g lie between the strips a, a; i, i, between a, 3-4; k, k between a, 1-2; and l, l' between a, a. A grip piece a passes through slots a, a to hold the parts together. A pair of somewhat similar blanks may be used to form a separate body and lid.

Improvements in or relating to the manufacture of boxes and similar receptacles
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GB19210015708 19210607
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186962 (A)
Application Date
June 7, 1921
Publication Date
October 9, 1922
George Henry Streater
B65D 05/20
B65D 05/22
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