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171,746. Macdonald, D. Aug. 12, 1920. Radiators, motorcar and like. - A rotary radiator for cooling liquids, particularly applicable to cooling the circulating water of an internal - combustion engine, comprises a fan-wheel W, Fig. 1, provided with a number of pairs of arms I, O fitted into the hub H of the fan-wheel and flattened out at their outer ends and communicating with one another through a water-channel R forming the rim of the fan-wheel. The water channel is preferably continuous except at one point and the arms I, O project into it so as to divide it into sections corresponding to each pair of arms, but leave a small space for intercommunication between the sections.; The hub H, which is divided by a partition M, is mounted on ball bearings on a twopart hollow shaft S attached at its forward end to a circulating-pipe P communicating with the upper part of the water-jacket J and at its tail end to a pipe connection X secured to the lower part of the water-jacket. The water in circulation flows from the water-jacket through the pipe P to the forward part of the shaft S, then outward through the arm I into the arm O and through the other part of the shaft S to the water-jacket; the arms I, O are arranged tangentially to the hub H in opposite directions, and the arm I is adapted to carry a greater quantity of water than the corresponding arm O so as to ensure a continuous circulation.; The rim R, which is preferably provided with a protective rim E and felt liner FL, Fig. 11, is secured to the hub H by means of spokes adapted to pass through eyelets Y formed in the rim. In the form shown in Fig. 8, the shaft S is made in one piece and two annular water spaces are formed in the hub H, and these are provided with vanes or blades D attached to each side of the partition M of the hub for the purpose of directing the flow into and out of the arms I, O. A stop valve B provided in the upper pipe P is adapted to be closed to arrest the circulation while starting the engine in cold weather. A driving-pulley V is fitted to the hub of the fan wheel and is rotated by a belt or chain from the engine. Specifications 12606/04, 10104/05, 20946/05, 548/07, 23637/07. 18990/08, 20381/08, and 22211/09 are referred to.

Improvements in and relating to air and water distribution, and mechanism therefor, in the cooling of internal-combustion engines and the like
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GB19200023572 19200812
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171746 (A)
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August 12, 1920
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November 14, 1921
David Macdonald
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F01P 05/02
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