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171,477. Brand, L. Aug, 14, 1920. Bracelets; necklaces.-A fastening for neck. laces, bracelets, &c. consists of two members A and B which are formed from solid or hollow blocks, and when engaged with each other by securing means on the flat faces a and b, appears like the rest of the links. The securing means may be a stud and slot as in Fig. 2, or a pair of lateral flanges h on one member H fitting into a pair of lateral grooves g in the other member G, as shown in the form illustrated in Fig. 4. To prevent accidental unfastening, one end of the fastening link is connected to the next link by a cranked joint, the arm E of which abuts against the flat ends of the socket member, and the other arm e assumes a position symmetrical with the joint F at the other side.

Improvements in or relating to fasteners for necklaces or the like
Application Number
GB19200023824 19200814
Publication Number
171477 (A)
Application Date
August 14, 1920
Publication Date
November 14, 1921
Lewis Brand
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