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171,465. Dodds, E. H. Aug. 12, 1920. Actions.-In a pneumatic action as described in Specification 153,938, wherein a valve chamber 2 leading at 1 to the striking pneumatic is closed by an L-shaped cover-plate 3 having apertures 12, 13 closed alternately by a double-acting valve, a separate valve 15 is flexibly hinged under the atmospheric port 12 and rests on the valvemember 8 to be operated thereby. The valve comprises a flexible facing 16 the projecting edge 17 of which forms the hinge, and a metal plate 15 having a disc 15 of felt &c. on its back. The sides of the valve chamber 2 are recessed at 6 to receive the bearing-pin 7, which rests on a felt or other strip 9 and supports the valve plate 8, 11. The recesses 6 are covered by corners of the packing-strips 4 slit to permit ready insertion or removal of the pin 7.; The bleed comprises a tube inserted in the diaphragm cover and having a side aperture controlled by a pointed screw.

Improvements in the construction of pneumatic actions for automatic musical instruments, piano players and the like
Application Number
GB19200023633 19200812
Publication Number
171465 (A)
Application Date
August 12, 1920
Publication Date
November 14, 1921
Edgar Henry Dodds
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