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171,191. Stone & Co., Ltd., J., Walton, M., and Vidal, J. F. B. Aug. 14, 1920. Air, treating; forced ventilation.-A humidifier fan comprises an assemblage of spray distributing discs of the type described in Specification 112,987, [Class 55 (ii), Gas manufacture &c.], a shield device rotating with the fan and conveying excess liquid into an annular gutter secured around the shield and one or more rising pipes up which the liquid, which may be water, disinfectant &c., is forced by centrifugal pressure into a reservoir feeding the distributor. The motor a and fan casing are carried by a fitting e for attachment to a ceiling &c. and may be in. clined in any direction about the trunnions b, d. The fan may be suspended from the motor by a spindle f or supported as shown on bearings 19 in a casing 17, which is formed at the centre of spokes 16 extending to a detachable part 11 of the casing.; The motor imparts movement to the fan h, discs g, shield o, channel 1 and gutter 2. The discs g are mounted on a cylindrical casting j which has longitudinal grooves p opening into a cup q into which liquid is fed from an annular chamber v. Each disc has an upstanding lip round its inner periphery serving as a spacer, and a notch therein registers with a groove in the casting j, there being as many grooves as there are discs. In this way liquid is fed uniformly to the discs. A small aperture may be provided in each disc for draining off liquid when the fan comes to rest into a channel 25 and thence through a pipe 27 into the channel 1. A spider l carrying the shield o is secured to the upper end of the casting j. A sleeve may be secured between the bottom disc and the nut m to allow of access on removal to the grooves p in order to dislodge dust.; The channel 1 is supported by a peripheral ring y connected with the hub x of the fan, and liquid caught by the shield o enters through holes 3. The liquid is driven into the gutter 2 and into a lateral extension of a rising pipe 4 which conveys it to a reservoir. When the cock 33 is opened, liquid descends the pipe 4 charging the gutter and channel until sufficient upward pressure is developed, when the liquid is forced from the gutter 2 up the pipe 34 delivering to the distributor. The lower part of the fan casing may' be formed of two detachable parts 10, 11, which may be removed with the fan without disturbing the discs, the fan spindle 19 being keyed to the spindle f by a pin 23 which slides down a groove 22.

Improvements in and connected with apparatus for humidifying air currents and if desired for deodorizing or disinfecting them
Application Number
GB19200023780 19200814
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171191 (A)
Application Date
August 14, 1920
Publication Date
November 14, 1921
John Furse Bancroft Vidal
Melville Walton
Stone J &
F24F 06/02
F24F 06/06
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