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The fabric consists of multifilament yarns of a synthetic material. During production, the fabric is subjected to several shrinking operations by compression and crimping, which are intended to give it an anisotropic elastic flexibility close to the mechanical properties of a natural tissue. The yarns comprise curls which are situated in planes parallel to the fabric, and they open out in the interstices so as to make spaces promoting the growth of natural tissues. Application to replacing cardiac valves.

Heart valve prosthesis
Application Number
GB19780006963 19780222
Publication Number
1598111 (A)
Application Date
February 22, 1978
Publication Date
September 16, 1981
Clark R E
Skelton J
Davis R B
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D03D 15/00
D03D 01/00
F16K 15/14
D03D 15/00
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D03D 03/00
A61F 02/24
A61F 02/06
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A61F 02/06
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