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157,160. Hartford-Fairmont Co., (Assignees of Peiler, K. E.). March 17, 1914, [Convention date]. Delivering molten metal. - Relates to shaping the charges of molten glass as they are delivered, either by hand or automatically, to glasswareforming machines. The charge is dropped into a funnel-shaped guide 3, the sides 4 of which are lubricated by water &c. from a sprayer 12. The charge is drawn out through the contraction 6 to an elongated form 10 by its own weight, so as to fit an elongated parison mould 8 into which it drops. Excess lubricant passes away by a pipe 19. The device can be used in connection with automatic machinery and mechanism is described for moving the drawing funnel 3 in unison with the moulds.

Method of and apparatus for feeding molten glass
Application Number
GB19210001029 19210108
Publication Number
157160 (A)
Application Date
January 8, 1921
Publication Date
August 18, 1921
Hartford Fairmont Company
C03B 07/00
C03B 07/16
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