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1534263 Endoprosthetic knee joints NATIONAL RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT CORP 17 Nov 1975 [18 Nov 1974] 49795/74 Heading A5R An endoprosthetic knee joint device comprises: a femoral component 10 having a bearing body 11 in the form of a curved strip having a convex face which defines a part-spherical bearing surface 12 and a grooved concave face 13 formed with intracancellous stems 14 for securement to the femoral condyle; a tibial component 20 having a bearing body 21 in the form of a D-shaped platform having a planar bearing surface 22 and a fixation surface 23 formed with intra cancellous stems 24 for securement to the tibia; and a meniscal component 30 comprising a bearing body 31 in the form of a circular disc having one bearing surface 32 concavely part-spherically shaped to the same radius as surface 12 and a second bearing surface 33 planar.; In use, one or two sets of the above components may be used in one leg.

Endoprosthetic knee joint devices
Application Number
GB19740049795 19741118
Publication Number
1534263 (A)
Application Date
November 18, 1974
Publication Date
November 29, 1978
Nat Res Dev
A61F 01/24
A61F 02/38
A61F 02/38
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