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1534258 Elastomeric polyurethane polyurea mouldings BAYER AG 17 May 1977 [21 May 1976] 20663/77 Heading C3R [Also in Division B5] A process for the production of an elastomeric polyurethane-polyurea moulded product having a compact surface skin comprises reacting as a one-shot system by the reaction injection moulding technique: (a) an organic polyisocyanate; (b) a compound having a molecular weight of from 1800 to 12,000 and containing at least two primary hydroxyl groups; (c) an aromatic di- or higher-polyamine whose reactivity towards isocyanates has not been reduced by electron attracting substituents, which may be substituted by one or more alkyl groups in one or more ortho-positions to one or more amino groups; (d) a catalyst for the NCO/OH reaction; and optionally (e) a blowing agent and/or conventional additive(s).; Component (c) may additionally comprises up to 50% wt. based on the amine component, of a divalent aliphatic alcohol having two primary hydroxyl groups, preferably ethylene glycol. Component (c) is preferably an aromatic diamine having at least one linear alkyl substituent in the orthoposition to one amino group and two linear C 1 -C 3 alkyl substituents in the ortho-positions to the other amino group, e.g. 1-methyl-3,5- diethyl-2,4-diaminobenzene and/or 1-methyl- 3,5 - diethyl - 2,6 - diaminobenzene. Preferred components (b) are polyhydroxy polyalkylene polyethers, optionally modified with vinyl polymers. Other suitable components (b) are OH-containing polyesters, polythioethers, polyacetals, polycarbonates, polyamides and polyesteramides.; Preferred catalysts (d) are organotin compounds, e.g. tin II salts of carboxylic acids or dialkyltin salts of carboxylic acids either alone or preferably as a complex with amidines. Preferred polyisocyanates (a) are those based on 4,41 - diisocyanatodiphenylmethane which are liquid at room temperature and which may contain urethane groups or carbodiimide and/or uretoneimine groups. The resultant moulded article generally has a density of from 0À8 to 1À2 g./c.c. Uses:-Flexible car bumpers and car body elements.

Process for the production of elastomeric polyurethane-polyurea moulded products having a compact surface skin
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GB19770020663 19770517
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1534258 (A)
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May 17, 1977
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November 29, 1978
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